"Think of us as the little red schoolhouse of music, where friends learn and play together,

the way it was meant to be."


Matthew Mason



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Allegro School of Music provides piano lessons to children and adults in a fun, engaging class piano format that is as effective as it is enjoyable.


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According to Dr. Frances Rauscher (a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin), "musical training, specifically piano instruction, appears to dramatically enhance a child’s abstract thinking skills and spatial-temporal ability – skills that are necessary for mathematics and science.”

Top Seven Reasons for allegro Group Piano Lessons:


1. Best results (kids love it!)

2. less teacher pressure than one-on-one

3. a steadier beat (external awareness)

4. at-home practice is rewarded in class

 every week, reinforcing good habits

5. students learn fastest by watching and listening to other students

6. Friendly Competition rewards


7. students make new friends




Experience Matters


Allegro is owned by a classically trained pianist and composer with degrees from the University of Houston and the University of Southern California.


Mr. Mason has also taught one-on-one lessons at several schools, as well as in his own studio, over the course of a decade. Through these experiences, he came to believe that the best instruction for the most students is, indeed, by way of the classroom. Through this and other techniques, perfected through experience, his goal of strengthening what remains of interest in classical music for children and adults is achieved.


We recommend use of the Pomodoro time management technique in the practice and study of piano, or any other subject.  It is particularly helpful for those with wandering attention.


"Allegro has been great with my 8 year old, both in group classes and individually. My daughter really enjoys their easy-going spirit and expertise."


                                                                             -                          Shaina L.



"I have greatly enjoyed learning to play the piano. Allegro's Gifted piano instructors are very patient and encouraging."


                                                                             -                    Dr. Katherine M.




"I highly recommend this class to any parent contemplating piano for their child."


                                                                                               Anastasia's Mom


"Allegro School of Music does not play at a “brisk tempo”, but rather advances you in your musical skills faster than you can ever imagine."

                                                                             -                                 Rashaad F.




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